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Endodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the inside of the tooth. The term comes from the Greek words “inside” and “tooth.” You may be more familiar with the term root canal therapy, as it is the most common form endodontic treatment. At Highland Village Family Dentistry in Highland Village, TX, we perform endodontics right here in the office where you and your family receive the rest of your general and restorative dental treatment. Dr. Mark Wagner is committed to keeping as much of your treatment in house as possible; if you already know and trust us, we want to be there for you through all of your oral health needs.

Root canal therapy is used to treat infections and inflammations of the tissue inside the tooth, as well as abscesses that may have developed at the base of the root. During root canal therapy, Dr. Wagner will go into the tooth, clean out the damaged pulp, detoxify the tooth, fill it, and cover it with a crown to restore function and strength. The best thing about root canal therapy is that it’s given us an option for repairing teeth that would have required extraction in the past, therefore saving you time and money and giving you a more conservative option for addressing tooth infections and abscesses.

We know the idea of root canal therapy can be daunting to some, but we want you to get the best possible treatment for your oral health problems. Our office takes extra steps to set your mind at ease before any treatment. Contact us to make an appointment if you’ve been experiencing any chronic tooth pain or sensitivity; these can be signs of a problem that might benefit from endodontic treatment. Patients from Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, and beyond turn to us for trustworthy dental care.

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