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Crown & Bridge for Highland Village

There are so many options for tooth repair and replacement that it can feel overwhelming, but that’s also good news! With so many options available, we can truly customize your dental care at Highland Village Family Dentistry in Highland Village, TX. Crowns and bridges offer a solution for advanced cavities, dental injury, and diseases that cause tooth loss, all of which are common.

Crowns are used to repair heavily damaged teeth. If a cavity gets too big, it can’t be fixed with a filling. Instead, we can cover the tooth with a cap that is shaped with crevices on the chewing surface. This way, it is able to mimic a natural tooth’s appearance and function. Dr. Thomas is very aware of how important a perfect fit is for your overall oral health and comfort. An ill-fitting crown can contribute to a bite that isn't correct, which can then contribute to a number of other oral health problems. We’ll take extra care to create the best fit possible, and we use only high-quality materials. This means beautiful, long-lasting results that feel as natural as they look.

A crown can be affixed to a bridge of replacement teeth to provide non-removable tooth replacement as well. Bridges offer a non-surgical alternative to partial dentures, giving you the confidence of fixed replacement teeth that won’t slip when you’re speaking or eating (although modern dentures and partials are light-years more reliable than they used to be – learn more here).

To schedule an exam with Dr. Thomas, contact us. After a comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Thomas can create a complete treatment plan that best serves your needs. Highland Village Family Dentistry is a family practice as dedicated to our values as we are to quality dentistry. Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Argyle, and surrounding north Texas communities count on us for a complete continuum of care delivered with a strong sense of character.

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