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Children’s Dentistry

Caring For Fragile & Growing Smiles

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Your children are very important to you, and their smiles are very important to us. A healthy kid deserves a healthy smile, and we see these early years of dental care as vital for creating positive oral health habits. Dr. Mark Wagner is a husband and father who understands how seriously you take your child’s health, and we offer a kid-friendly atmosphere at our Highland Village, Texas office so that you and your loved ones will look forward to coming to see us for children’s dentistry. During your child's appointment, we’ll make sure to provide a gentle touch while ensuring that their care is a fun experience. Dr. Wagner, your children’s dentist in Highland Village, enjoy teaching his young patients everything they need to know for maintaining lifelong healthy smiles!

Your Child’s First Visit

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The American Dental Association recommends bringing children to their first dental visit by the time their first tooth grows in. For younger patients, our team focuses on making their appointments as stress-free and positive as possible to help them form great relationships with their dental health. During their first few appointments, we’ll conduct a simple checkup to make sure that their mouth is healthy and developing properly. After that, it’s recommended that you bring your child for routine visits every six months.

As they get older, when it comes to addressing the oral health needs of children, it’s important that we pay special attention to preventing cavities and keeping an eye on overall oral development. One reason to bring your child to Highland Village Family Dentistry is because we also offer complete orthodontic treatment. If we notice a problem with your child’s bite or oral development, we can step in and provide prompt care, which can mean much greater efficiency and results.

Our Kid-Friendly Services

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At Highland Village Family Dentistry, we place emphasis on creating an environment where generations of families can get treated under one roof. That way, parents don’t have to worry about driving from specialist-to-specialist to get their loved ones the care they need. Here are some kid-friendly preventive services that we may suggest during one of your child’s checkups and cleanings to help ward off the threat of oral health problems.

Custom Mouthguards

For our young patients who play sports or grind their teeth at night, we offer protective, custom-fitted nightguards and athletic mouthguards. That way, their smiles aren’t at risk of becoming damaged due to trauma or severe wear-and-tear. If we notice any signs of teeth grinding during their checkup, we’ll address the issue with you and recommend protection so you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of their priceless smile for years to come.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are the most common oral health problem among children, because they’re still learning how to care for their smiles on their own. If we notice that your little one has decay, we’ll likely recommend filling it with a biocompatible composite resin substance that will keep the damage from becoming worse.

At-Home Dental Hygiene Habits

child learning how to brush their teeth

At Highland Village Family Dentistry, our team is more than happy to help parents by providing tips and tricks to get your child to keep up with their dental hygiene at home. We can also offer product recommendations that make brushing and flossing more enticing and fun!

Highland Village families trust Dr. Mark Wagner and Highland Village Family Dentistry to provide complete children’s dentistry; patients from Lewisville, Flower Mound, Lantana, Argyle, and surrounding communities come and see us as well because of our reputation for providing both compassionate and clinically sound dental care. Would you like to make an appointment for your child? Contact us today!

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