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Best Options for Orthodontics in Highland Village

January 26, 2017

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Options for orthodontics in Highland Village.Unfortunately, very few people are born with naturally straight teeth. Poor alignment and bite complications can quickly cause your self-confidence to decrease. In fact, roughly 50% of adults are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Among the biggest concerns has to do with alignment. You can get the straight smile you have always wanted with orthodontics in Highland Village. Although many tend to believe braces are only for teens, it is never too late to get a straight smile.

Benefits of Orthodontics

When it comes to braces, many people tend to believe they are purely used for cosmetic purposes, but this could not be further from the truth. The alignment of your teeth and bite play a vital role in your oral health. Poorly aligned teeth are difficult to clean. As a result, those with crowded or overlapping teeth are more prone to gum disease and tooth decay. A misaligned bite increases your risk for a decreased quality of life as it can cause issues with the jaw and added strain on specific teeth, such as the back molars.

You can promote your oral health while gaining a new level of confidence with a straight smile. Due to the impact the alignment of your teeth has on your confidence, oral health, and quality of life, it is recommended children have their first orthodontic consultation around the age of seven. However, it is never too late for a consultation. The benefits of a straight smile have increased the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment by 14%. No matter your age, you now have multiple options for braces.

Options for Orthodontics

Due to various advancements, you now have multiple options for orthodontic treatment, which are faster and less noticeable than traditional braces. With Propel Orthodontics, you will have the straight smile you have always wanted without having to spend years in braces. In fact, in less than a year, you will have a straight, confident smile. Using state-of-the-art technology, your teeth are moved faster into predictable positions with little discomfort.

Propel is used in conjunction with an array of orthodontic options, including traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Invisalign has quickly become the preferred choice for a straight smile because no wires or brackets are used. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth with confidence. The series of aligners gradually move your teeth while offering less discomfort and inconvenience. We offer Invisalign in Highland Village to quickly straighten your teeth with the clear choice for orthodontics.

Get a Straight Smile Today

At Highland Village Family Dentistry, we know just how important a straight smile is to your oral health and confidence. We offer the most preferred and effective options for orthodontics to enhance your results while keeping your comfort in mind.

In addition to traditional orthodontics, we offer Invisalign for teens and adults. By combining the treatments with Propel, you will have a straight smile in less time. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation for a new smile.

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