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Invisalign Is the Orthodontics Treatment that Gives You Freedom

January 14, 2018

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smiling woman in sunlightTraditional metal braces are an effective, tried and true way to reposition crooked teeth and correct bite problems. However, they feel like a prison to some people because they come with a laundry list of dietary restrictions and a rigorous daily cleaning routine. Fortunately, there is an alternative choice that can straighten your teeth while providing you the freedom you want. Let’s see how Invisalign, a great option for orthodontics in Highland Village, lets you do and eat what you want while you’re moving those pearly whites into their proper places.

No Dietary Restrictions

With traditional braces, certain foods can pose a threat to the brackets and wires that are around your teeth. For example, popcorn kernels can get stuck in there, sticky foods like taffy can cling to the wires, and hard foods like nuts can actually break the braces.

Invisalign aligners are removable. When it’s time to eat a meal or snack, all you have to do is take your aligner out of your mouth, enjoy whatever you’re craving, clean your teeth, rinse the aligner, and then pop it back in. It’s easy, and you’ll never feel like the odd man out during movie night when everyone else is chowing down on their favorite goodies.

You Can Drink What You Want, Too

Let’s be clear — drinking soda and other sugary or acidic drinks is never good for your oral health, whether or not you’re undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Still, we know that every once in a while, you just need to have a few sips of fizzy goodness. You can do that with Invisalign! However, don’t drink the soda without first removing your aligner; you don’t want the liquid to stain the aligner or get caught between it and your teeth.

Also, don’t drink coffee or other hot beverages while you’re wearing your aligner; the high temperature can warp the plastic. Just remember that water is the best thing to drink unless you feel like taking your aligner out for a few minutes.

Invisalign Makes It Easy to Clean Your Teeth

One of the reasons why people with braces should avoid sugary drinks and certain foods is because of the risk those things pose to teeth. They can lead to decay for anyone, but the danger is greater for folks with traditional braces because they make it more difficult maintain a clean mouth. In fact, it may take up to a good half-hour to thoroughly clean your teeth before bed.

With Invisalign, you can continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Keeping your aligners clean is easy, too; you can use the cleaning kit that comes with Invisalign or just gently brush them with an antimicrobial toothpaste. Your nightly oral hygiene routine should only take a few minutes.

Want a straighter smile without putting your teeth in “prison”? Talk to your dentist in Highland Village about Invisalign.

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We have two talented dentists in our office — Drs. Autumn Griffin and Ryan Thomas — both of whom are certified to provide Invisalign. If you’d like to learn more about this option for realigning your teeth, please contact us at 469-444-6500.

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