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Dr. Thomas Can Perform Orthodontics in Highland Village!

June 27, 2017

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Learn more about how Dr. Thomas can enhance your smile with orthodontics in Highland Village.As you shake your new client’s hand, you feel that familiar pit in your stomach you are sure that they’re wondering why you’re not smiling fully, and you feel embarrassed. Living with crooked teeth definitely takes a toll on your confidence, and it can affect your professional and personal relationships. If you’re ready to straighten your teeth and smile with confidence, then you’re ready to learn more about orthodontics in Highland Village and how Dr. Ryan Thomas can align your teeth.

Crooked Teeth Affect Your Oral Health

Did you know that besides your self-esteem, your crooked teeth are also affecting your oral health? This is because teeth that overlap are harder to keep clean and that increases your risk of developing issues such as tooth decay, cavities, and even gum disease. A misaligned bite also affects your jaw joint and it can contribute to painful headaches and jaw disorders. A straight and beautiful smile is truly beneficial for your oral health.

Orthodontics at Highland Village Family Dentistry

Dr. Thomas has extensive training in the field of orthodontics, which allows him to offer both traditional braces and Invisalign to his patients. Offering both general dentistry and orthodontics to patients provides a number of benefits as Dr. Thomas is able to closely monitor his patients’ oral health throughout their orthodontic treatment and recommend additional cleanings if necessary. Imagine the time it would save to have your cleaning and adjustment all done at one appointment!

Dr. Thomas is also able to offer early orthodontic intervention to his young patients that may benefit from phased orthodontic treatment. This can save patients from having to deal with crowding or jaw growth issues in the future.

Dr. Thomas uses all-digital orthodontics, which customizes wires and brackets for each patient’s teeth individually. Braces in Highland Village that are tailored to your specific needs produce more reliable and efficient results.

Orthodontics for Adults

Many adult patients are able to benefit from Invisalign treatment, which utilizes clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth with discretion. Aligners are removable, which means that there are no dietary restrictions or changes to their normal home care routine. Invisalign treatment also typically requires fewer visits to the dentist, which our busy adult patients appreciate.

Are You Ready For Your New Smile?

With so many great options available for straightening your teeth, there really is no reason for you to live with a compromised smile any longer! Call Highland Village Family Dentistry today to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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