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Get a brighter smile with professional teeth whitening from your Flower Mound dentist

August 11, 2015

Shutterstock VeneersTeeth stained by beverages, food, smoking, aging and other factors improve significantly with Nite White take- home teeth whitening from Dr. Ryan Thomas, Flower Mound cosmetic dentist. Learn more about this safe process that brightens smiles by several shades using professional-grade whitening gel.

Your Flower Mound cosmetic dentist, Ryan Thomas DDS, recommends teeth whitening for a dramatic color change

No one likes a yellowed, dull smile–especially if the smile happens to be your own. Roll back time with brighter, whiter teeth created by professional teeth whitening at Highland Village Family Dentistry. Dr. Ryan Thomas and his staff deliver at-home teeth whitening services which dramatically improve tooth color safely and effectively.

While teeth whitening products available at drug stores and shopping malls have some level of efficacy and safety, they do not work really well on discolorations that come from:

  • foods such as tomato sauce, soy sauce and blueberries
  • beverages such as black tea, coffee, red wine and sodas (cola, root beer)
  • smoking and chewing tobacco
  • the aging process
  • root canal therapy
  • some prescription medications
  • root canal therapy
  • injury to the mouth

The brightening solution for  healthy teeth is professional teeth whitening. Dr. Thomas and his staff at Highland Family Dentistry recommend Nite-White take home custom trays that deliver predictable, comfortable results in 14 to 21 days right in the  privacy of the patient’s home. Dr. Thomas carefully evaluates each whitening candidate to be sure his or her smile is healthy enough for this innovative process.

Here’s How Flower Mound, TX teeth whitening works

Dr. Thomas performs an oral exam to inspect for decay, gum disease or other oral health problems. Cavities and gum problems disqualify individuals from teeth whitening as do numerous restorations, poor overall health or pregnancy and lactation.

When an individual is a candidate, Dr. Thomas discusses what the person wants to achieve and then custom-makes plastic whitening trays. The trays which hold the special bleaching gel fit snugly over the top and bottom teeth, avoiding product leakage and gum sensitivity.

At home, the patient fills the trays, wearing them for 1 hour nightly for 14 to 21 days depending on Dr. Thomas’s instructions. The carbamide peroxide is a strong active ingredient that powers out stains without harming gums or tooth enamel. Typically, teeth change in color by up to 8 shades and stay that way indefinitely with periodic touch-ups.

Your Flower Mound area dentist often uses teeth whitening together with other cosmetic dental services such as porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings and Invisalign clear braces for your best smile. Dr. Thomas and his team strive for outstanding oral health and aesthetics in a relaxing, stress-free environment for patients of all ages.

How great can your smile look?

Why not find out by scheduling a smile consultation at Highland Village Family Dentistry? Contact the office today for an appointment.


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