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Fix Bite Problems for Good with Orthodontics in Highland Village

December 18, 2017

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A girl with braces.Most people are not born with a perfect smile. In fact, a majority of people will have at least one issue that could have long-term consequences if left untreated. Fortunately, thanks to orthodontics in Highland Village, you don’t have to worry any longer about your bite problems and/or crooked teeth.

Orthodontics are designed to fix many different issues, so don’t be too surprised if you find yours listed below. Today, we’re going to go into more detail about each of them and show how certain dental appliances can correct them. There’s no reason for you to not get the orthodontic care you deserve.

How Bite Problems and Crooked Teeth Affect Your Health

These imperfections have the potential to create serious problems later in life if not treated properly. Without orthodontic treatment, they can contribute to pain, cavities, loss of teeth, gum disease and other issues. That’s why catching them early is so important, as it’s much easier to treat in a still-developing mouth than in an adult one.

For example, not only can an overbite damage your teeth enamel, it can also hurt your gums. This occurs when the lower front teeth strike the gum line of the back of the upper front teeth. We’ll go over that and more conditions next.

What Bite Problems Could I Have?

  • Overbite – A malocclusion characterized by a large overlap of the upper and lower teeth. From a side profile, patients’ chins are generally pushed back by the upper teeth.
  • Underbite – The opposite of an overbite, where the lower teeth project beyond the upper teeth.
  • Crossbite – This malocclusion is characterized by a lateral misalignment of the dental arches. In other words, the tooth is closer to the cheek or tongue than its corresponding antagonist tooth in either the lower or upper dental arch.
  • Openbite – This occurs when the upper and lower teeth cannot make physical contact with each other when the jaws are closed.
  • Crowding – Crowding occurs when there is not enough space in the mouth for teeth to grow into. It can occur genetically or from early/late loss of primary teeth,
  • Spacing – Also known diastema, spacing occurs when there is a gap between two teeth, more commonly in the two front teeth. However, it can also occur between any two teeth in the mouth.

What Orthodontic Treatments are Available?

One of the most common treatments to fix bite and crowding issues is through traditional braces. Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, the wire used to hold brackets in braces can be digitally made to custom fit your mouth. These usually create a more efficient treatment for tooth problems.

Another option is Invisalign clear aligners, which are more ideal for mild and moderate issues. They are also better for adults looking to correct problems without having to change their current image. This provides them the confidence and appearance they want without sacrificing their oral health.

To learn more about the accelerated orthodontic techniques available, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Highland Village today!

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Dr. Ryan Thomas earned his dental degree from the New York University of Dentistry before receiving his license to practice in New Hampshire. Seven years later, he moved to North Texas where to open his practice and provide quality dental care to families. To learn more about his practice, contact him at (469) 444-6500 or visit his website.

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