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Take Care of Your Children’s Teeth with the Family Dentist Lewisville is Talking About

August 18, 2015

Boy brushing his teethAt Highland Village Family Dentistry, we want to help you take good care of your children’s adorable smiles. Dr. Ryan Thomas and his staff of dental hygienists and dental assistants know that if we can fill their early visits to the dentist with happy memories, then they are more likely to want to maintain a lifetime of good oral health. That’s why we’ve made our office a fun place for them. Our reception area has a play area. And when they see Dr. Thomas and his staff, you can be sure our treatment of your children is gentle and age-appropriate.

Children’s Dentistry Lewisville Loves

Children’s dentistry actually begins before you and your young child set foot in our office at Highland Village Family Dentistry. It begins at home and it begins earlier than you imagined. As soon as you begin to see baby teeth erupt through your child’s gum, it’s time to start thinking about oral hygiene. Of course, the process is quite simple to start: just take a small, soft cloth dampened with warm water and gently wipe that little white tooth and those perfectly pink gums. As more teeth appear, you can brush gently with a wet toothbrush and then add a minimal amount of fluoride toothpaste when you think your child is ready. You want to avoid having your child swallow too much toothpaste.

Until they are six or seven years old, it’s important for parents to help and supervise their children as they brush. Dr. Thomas recommends letting your child start brushing and then to ensure a thorough brushing, you complete the task. And don’t forget—a task that’s fun is a task that’s done. Don’t be afraid to make brushing teeth fun. Put on some tunes and dance while you brush, or watch a short video clip if distraction works better than fun.

When you bring your children to our office for their dental cleaning and exam, Dr. Thomas may recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatments, both of which help your kids fight the “bad guys” who cause tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are “painted” on molars and hardened with a curing light to form a solid barrier on top of molars, where most cavities form. Fluoride supplements strengthen enamel, the outer layer of each tooth that is on the vanguard of cavity protection.

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