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How to Find a Dentist Near Me for a Dental Emergency

February 24, 2017

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How to find a dentist near me for a dental emergency.Are you experiencing dental pain or sensitivity? Has your tooth been broken or chipped? Worse yet, has your tooth been knocked out? For most dental emergencies time is of the essence, and it’s important to contact an emergency dentist in Highland Village, but how can you know whom you can trust? Dr. Ryan Thomas is well equipped to handle your emergency, and his practice Highland Village Family Dentistry, serves patients in Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lantana, Argyle, Lewisville, and surrounding communities.

Now that you’ve found your emergency dentist in Highland Village, here are some helpful tips on handling a dental emergency. When you know what to do, an emergency situation seems less daunting.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If your cheeks, lips, or gums should sustain an injury, there will typically be a lot of bleeding, so your first step is to contain that bleeding. You can do this with a cold compress and light pressure to the wound. After the bleeding has stopped, contact our office for further instructions.

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

When your tooth is broken, you’ll need to see us right away. Please gather and bring as many pieces of your tooth as you can. There are many options for repairing your tooth and Dr. Thomas will need the pieces of your tooth to determine the best course of action.

If your tooth is chipped, no matter how small, please call us. Even a small chip can become irritating to your soft tissues and should be repaired.

A Knocked Out Tooth

When your tooth has been knocked out, it’s important to contact Highland Village Family Dentistry immediately because we have the best chance of restoring your tooth within the first hour of your accident or injury. Try to handle your tooth as little as possible and transport it carefully. If you can place it back in its socket, this is best. If not use a cup or baggie filled with milk in order to keep the cells moist and alive.

A Dental Infection or Abscess

If you’re experiencing dental pain or a constant toothache, this can be an indicator of a dental infection. Many patients think this will go away, however a dental infection will not go away without treatment. In fact, it’ll get worse and could travel to other areas of your body, and even cause tooth loss. If you act quickly, root canal therapy may be able to preserve your tooth.

Contact Highland Village Family Dentistry

Dr. Thomas is here for you, and we encourage you to contact us as you can if you or loved one is experiencing a dental emergency.

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