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The Convenience Of Orthodontics In Highland Village

May 17, 2017

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Orthodontics in Highland Village are about more than just looks – braces also make your entire smile healthier. Your crooked teeth bothered you on a daily basis when you were a kid, and now that you have a family of your own, you see your kids facing the same misaligned dentitions that you experienced. You want to help your child improve the appearance of their smiles, but did you know that braces and straight teeth are about more than just looks? Having proper alignment can prevent dental injuries, gum disease, and even enamel problems. And for the most convenient care for your entire family, it’s best to see a dentist who also offers orthodontics in Highland Village, like the team at Highland Village Family Dentistry. Learn why their practice is your one stop dental shop for oral healthcare – including braces – no matter your dental needs.

What Orthodontic Services Do You Provide?

As your trusted dentist in Highland Village, we’re proud to offer comprehensive dental services for everyone in your family. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about travelling all around town to multiple offices for your family’s dental care, and you won’t have to be referred out to start over with an orthodontist you don’t know. When it comes to our teeth straightening options, you’ll receive individualized care that makes the most of your smile with these two choices of treatment:

  • All-Digital Orthodontics – Rather than using one-size-fits-all wires, our innovative digital technology provides custom-made wires that specifically treat your alignment issues. These revolutionary braces are efficient and create the straight smile you deserve.
  • Invisalign – If you’d prefer to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners, Invisalign is the choice for you. We’ll take 3D images of your smile and a lab will create your course of treatment just for you. Simply wear your Invisalign and be amazed by the results. Although most people are done with treatment in just 6-18 months, with the Invisalign Propel option, we can safely speed up your experience to give you a perfect smile in no time.

What Tooth Alignment Problems Can You Treat?

Dr. Ryan Thomas knows that straight teeth are healthy teeth. Correctly aligned dentitions are protected from injuries like chips, cracks, and fractures, and having your teeth in their proper position prevents gum disease, pain, cavities, and tooth decay. Dr. Ryan has the expertise you need in all facets of dentistry, and can help with:

  • Overbite – A jaw alignment disorder that happens when the opper jaw is larger than the lower jaw, and it projects over the lower jaw.
  • Underbite – This malocclusion problem is the opposite of an overbite – when this occurs, the lower jaw is larger than the upper and protrudes forward.
  • Crossbite – Your jaw should open and close perfectly, and any lateral or side-to-side misalignment is referred to as a crossbite.
  • Open Bite – In an open bite, the front teeth are positioned so far forward that they teeth do not touch and the dentitions cannot close, leaving the mouth open, even when the jaw is closed.
  • Crowding & Spacing – Many patients simply don’t have enough room in their jaws for all of their teeth, but orthodontics from Dr. Thomas can solve the problem when teeth don’t have space or erupt in the wrong position.

Now that you know how braces can benefit you, and that we’re the convenient one-stop dental and orthodontic shop for your entire family, schedule your appointment with Highland Village Family Dentistry today to get the straight teeth you deserve!

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