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Your Children’s Dentist in Highland Village

February 3, 2016

children's dentist in highland villageAt Highland Family Dentistry, we are a team committed to honesty and excellence as we care for your family’s dental needs. As a children’s dentist in Highland Village, we are here to care for your child through every stage of oral development. Your child’s oral health has four major developmental milestones, which involves more than their first tooth popping through or the first time the Tooth Fairy visits. Instead, these developmental milestones lay the foundation to your child’s ability to eat and speak. We are here for every stage of development to ensure your child has a happy and healthy smile.

The First Year

Your child’s first stage of oral development begins when their first tooth erupts. At this time, your child should have their first trip to the dentist as recommended by the American Dental Association. Your child’s baby teeth hold the space for permanent teeth while also necessary for proper speech and eating. We’ll monitor your child during this time to ensure their baby teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Toddler Years

After your baby has gotten a few teeth, the next stage of development involves caring for those teeth while monitoring for abnormalities or dental concerns. During this time, we’ll help teach your child the importance of brushing and flossing. And, we’ll provide preventative services to keep their teeth healthy and provide the appropriate services to resolve any problems.

Mixed Dentition

When it’s time for the Tooth Fairy to visit for the first time, your child has reached the stage of oral development known as mixed dentition. At this point, the permanent teeth begin to erupt, causing the baby teeth to fall out. During this stage, it’s time to start monitoring the adult teeth to provide appropriate care to keep the permanent teeth strong and healthy.

Teen Years

During the teen years, and the final milestone to your child’s oral health, the wisdom teeth begin to erupt, which will need monitoring and possibly require extraction. At this stage, it’s common for teenagers to have alignment issues that require orthodontic correction. We’re here through the teen years to help resolve alignment issues and other dental concerns.

Family Dentistry

When caring for your children, we offer advanced technology dental care in a family-friendly environment. As a children’s dentist in Flower Mound and Highland Village, we know that family comes first, so your child’s needs are of the highest priority. Plus, we have the gentle touch your children need to make their dentist visits fun and stress-fee, so they look forward to going to the dentist.

To facilitate your children’s dental needs, we offer much more than general dentistry. In addition to dental checkups and cleanings, we offer customized services, like periodontal therapy, athletic mouth guards, and orthodontic care.

If you’re in need of a child’s dentist in Highland Village, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Thomas from Highland Village Family Dentistry will cater to your family’s exact needs through every stage of oral development. Let us care for your family. Schedule an appointment today.

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