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4 Situations When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Highland Village

March 12, 2019

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It’s spring break! Maybe you’re going on vacation as a family, or maybe you’re just letting the kids play at home and with friends. Either way, they’re going to have fun! Well, sometimes fun comes with unexpected consequences—like a dental emergency. Even though school will be out, you may need to stay on guard for anything that may come your way. For most dental emergencies, you should contact your emergency dentist in Highland Village right away, but what if you can’t see them immediately? How should you handle the situation until you can go in? Here are some common dental emergencies and how to deal with them.

Dental Emergencies

The following are some of the common situations that are considered dental emergencies and warrant contacting your dentist immediately:

  • Chipped or cracked tooth.
  • Object stuck between teeth.
  • Knocked-out tooth.
  • Toothache or chronic tooth pain.

Responding to Dental Emergencies

Some of these emergencies are more urgent than others, and time can be precious, so it’s important to know how to respond. In nearly all of the dental emergencies listed above, you need to contact your dentist for the next available appointment so that you can be restored to full oral health. Although you should follow any instructions your dentist provides for your specific situation, while you wait for your appointment, there are things you can do to give yourself the best possible chances of success.

Cracked Tooth

After contacting your dentist, rinse your mouth with warm water to keep the tooth clean. If you feel pain, you can use a cold compress on your face.

Object Stuck between Teeth

If an object gets stuck between teeth, use floss to guide it out. Do not use sharp objects to get it out. They can damage the gum tissue or scratch tooth enamel. If you can’t get the object out with floss, call your dentist.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you go in, the higher the chances of saving the natural tooth. Avoid touching the root or removing any gum tissue that may still be attached to the root. If feasible, try to put the tooth back into the socket, but if not, keep it moist by storing it in milk or warm water.


If you experience a severe toothache, try to gently floss around the tooth to make sure nothing is lodged. Call your dentist, and rinse your mouth with warm water to keep the tooth clean. If necessary, use over-the-counter medication to manage the pain. Chances are that tooth decay has penetrated the inside of the tooth, and you’ll need a root canal.

Although you can’t predict how or when a dental emergency happens to you or your family, you can plan how you will respond. By knowing what to do, you can ensure that your family can enjoy a fun, hopefully accident-free, spring break with more peace of mind. For more information about treating dental emergencies, contact your dentist in Highland Village.

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